As a top MLM Consultant, MLM Software Expert, MLM SOFTWARE SOLUTION offers his expert background in Corporate MLM and Software Consulting, creating marketing ideas, strategic channel and vertical ideas, compensation plan design, and distributor and MLM software training.

MLM Consultancy is incorporated to cater for operators of MLM companies which are a specific business needing professional attention. The MLM industry has been recognized as a core industry by the government. However, the MLM business needs precise set-up for an everlasting operation and a structured marketing strategy which involves professional skills. We are practically experienced and dedicated to assist you to avoid unnecessary problems and obstacles while explore in local markets and expanding into international business.

As a MLM consultant to the industry for many years, I am happy to have played a contributing part to the development of this ever growing and beneficial marketing system of distribution.
Most objections that people have about getting into Multi level Marketing are due to not realizing the difference between MLM, Pyramid Sales and the Direct Sales methods of marketing.
This is understandable because most reputable MLM companies belong to the Direct Selling Association.
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